5 Reasons Copywriting is Essential to Your Business

Thanks to the Internet, we live in a world that relies on access to immediate and visually-focused information. The amount of digital information we are exposed to every day is ever growing, while our attention spans continue to shrink just as rapidly.

As a marketer, the most basic (and incredibly important) question you must always ask yourself is, how is your business attracting customers to your website, blog, and social media?

Sure, a visually appealing design and quality images are nice. Appearing on the front page of a Google search is pretty swell, too. But once you get those customers to your page, how will you KEEP them there? That’s where good, quality copywriting comes in.

Without good content, it is nearly impossible to convert people who show interest in your business. Many companies get so wrapped up in mastering the design aspect of their brand that they neglect the writing aspect almost entirely.

Let’s say you’re researching the best place to get a massage while on vacation in Hawaii. The first link on your Google search takes you to a beautifully designed website, complete with a snazzy color scheme and photos of relaxing spas and tropical beaches. The headline reads “Best massages in town!! Buy today!” and the landing page body copy is full of typos and improper grammar. Your fifteen-year-old nephew probably could have written this copy.

Now, imagine you visit another landing page for a different local spa. This website might be simple, with a basic WordPress template that was clearly designed by someone with little design experience. However, this website is packed with compelling, persuasive copy that grabs your attention and holds it. They go into detail about all the reasons their massage services will benefit you. They have a blog section dedicated to various topics in massage therapy, healthy living, and the latest news in therapeutic advancements. Which company are you going to trust with your time and money?

Good content will keep your customers coming back, again and again and again.

Art supplies for school.

Here are five reasons a copywriter is an essential addition to your marketing team.

1. SEO specialists know how to get visitors to your page. Copywriters will keep them there by providing relevant, persuasive content. Quality content plus SEO optimization is the ultimate dynamic duo.

2. Design is important, but an aesthetically pleasing website alone will not sell your product or service. A well-executed design can act as a compliment to your brand’s message; a copywriter is the one who actually conveys that message.

3. Good copywriting can position your brand as an industry expert in the eyes of consumers, which helps forge a trusting, lasting relationship.

4. Copywriters deliver the call to action, and they know how to do so strategically. Good copy will guide customers through the content in a way that makes them want to hit the “Subscribe” button or take that next step.

5. Copywriters are experts at adapting to your brand’s voice. They know how to target a specific audience, evoke certain emotions, and build a personality that compliments your brand’s needs and objectives. The essence of a copywriter’s job is to find the most effective way to speak to your audience.


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